Learn from the Past and Make It Anew

Atomy’s HemoHIM uses fresh Angelica Gigas, Cnidium Officinale, and Paeonia Japonica cultivated in Korea. The main ingredients are extracted from these plants and processed to make HemoHIM.

hemo him

It is the first individually approved ingredient to be approved by MFDS as a health functional ingredient that can help strengthen the immune system.

3 key points of hemohim

Volume Up, Price Down Atomy HemoHIM's History

When HemoHIM was first launched, it came with 30 packets.
Gradually, at the same price, the volume was increased to 48 packets, 54 packets, and finally to today’s 60 packets.
Since Nov. 2018 the price of HemoHIM has been lowered to benefit our consumers and the businesses of our Atomy members.


Power that awakens tired immune cells

※ The information above is based on Atomy Korea Headquarters.

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